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blockbuster. tivo

i'm not happy.

i just got an email from blockbuster telling me that starting oct, my plan is changing. i can still rent 3 dvds at a time but only do in-store exchanges 5 times a month instead of unlimited. why cant they be like cellphone carriers and honor the old timers with the old plan even when they dont offer it anymore?!

anyway i either pay $7/month extra if i wanted the same plan or stay with the same price and exchange 5 times a month in the store. the only reason why i like blockbuster as opposed to netflix was bc of the in-store thing. i've actually grown quite accustomed to it. but 5 times a month is ridiculous! i can do that in a week!

grrr. that sucks. bastards!

anyway, i decided to cancel it and convert to tivo lol!

well i dont really have anything going on for me on the queue except charmed. i'm almost done with heroes season 1 on dvd (through blockbuster). season 2 is starting soon. not to mention csi. also i cant watch heroes real time at all bc it's on monday night. and my sister has been bugging me about getting tivo bc she's been into a show that plays everyday.

but BEST OF ALL i have a friend who's a tivo-angelist (as she likes to call herself) and she's giving me her "dinosaur" tivo for free! (dont tell her but i plan on treating her to a nice dinner as thanks. :P haha!)

yay. thank you ♥

i guess the only downside to tivo is that i cant watch charmed in order. darn. (unless there's something i need to know about tivo? hmm?) lol but ANTM marathon, here i come!

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