hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go


i cant cook to save my life. it's depressing, really.

there was a period of time where my parents were always out of town. a few times i tried to cook to save money...

my parents are currently out of town and i told my sister i'll cook dinner tonight. her reaction? "uh.... are you sure....?" just look at the icon. that's probably her real reaction on the inside..

sigh. that is so sad. but i do have to admit... my cooking's edible but not very tasteful lol

i'm gonna have to find myself a guy who can cook lol!

edited: ok this is interesting. i put on my gmail status "i cant cook to save my life" and i got GUYS msging me, giving me advice to what to cook tonight and how to cook it LOL! that is so funny!!

one of them even sent me a recipe to cook tonight. vegetarian omelete LOL time's have changed. i guess finding a guy who can cook isnt that hard now ;)
Tags: funny

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