hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

random #2342: m5 changes. nice dream. FA. rockstar

so a month or so ago, m5 changed the date for utah to a day early. so i switched my flights which isnt too bad, $35 fee. this week i found out that utah was CANCELLED. $70 fee to cancel my flight >_< geez! thanks m5! pay me my $105!! jk jk hahahah altho we do get fans emailing us about that sometimes... when shows get cancel... anyway...

now i have credit with jetblue... i guess i'm gonna be planning another trip within the next year.

last night i had a nice dream. i'm just writing it here so i can look back on it haha

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i love my job. we just had an artist, jen foster, come in and showed us some of her work. she played one song acoustic for us. she's really good. i like her.

i'm looking forward to her next album.

have any of you ever listened to the lyrics for the song "rockstar" by nickleback? it's pretty funny.

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