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my tivo came today!!! i was told it takes hours to set up and i was panicking bc the fastest i can get home is at 6 pm and heroes is at 9. this is also considering the fact that i have to go to my dad's class at 730 pm. (granted i'm sure i can watch heroes online the next day or something, but still!)

so i got off work a few mins early just so i can get home... a few mins early... hahah but then i saw my old worker and i wanted to say hi. i could've just went on my merry way and i'm sure he wouldnt have seen me but i wanted to be nice. he invited me to visit pixar with him last fri and i am truly grateful! i had a lot of fun!

i expected a wave and we go our separate ways since he is across the street (he works at a building across from mine) but being the polite i-stand-up-when-a-lady-leaves-the-table kinda guy, he jaywalked four lanes to talk to me. we chit chat a little and i offered to drive him home since i know he doesnt drive. god, i'm a little too nice for someone being in a rush!

needless to say after i dropped him off i speed 50 mph to reach my house only to realize when i parked that uh... the tivo was not shipped to my house but to my dad's store!! great!! so i had to speed my way back, rush into the store without saying hi to my dad and rush back home.

i struggled with setting it up with a dvd player... and due to time, just settled with lacking a dvd player for a bit until i can get an s cable ( 0:) hi) and started the tivo set up. this is where it's gonna take hours, i was thinking.

mins pass and i handed the duty to my never-lower-than-3.83-gpa-since-i-can-remember sister. if she's passed honors english and AP history with flying colors, she can handle tivo without me!

and i'm so glad i did. bc i sneaked a call at 830 pm and she already got passed the set up and season passed everything. nice! she got the hand of tivo before i got home! when i finally got time to poke at the remote, she kept staying "let me do it" lol shoot, just bc i made a lot of mistakes! lol

anyway, WHOO WHEE! i'm glad for tivo. it's the only reason why i'm ok in agreeing to have dinner and hanging out on thurs LOL! so i can watch the season premier of CSI once i get home :D ♥ (our vcr is broken lol)

yay, thanks mandy.

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