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richmond ≠ sunset

so i wanted to be nice and took the super shuttle home from sfo.

the dude in charge of calling the vans asked me where i'm going, "san francisco: richmond district." i said to him. you know, home.

the conversation went on a little something like this...

the dude: richmond...? you mean sunset?
me: no, richmond district
dude: mission?
me: no, richmond district.

dude walked to talk to someone else. comes back and mumbles to himself "it's the sunset district"


i mean... yeah i walked out of the airport and all... but i was born and raised here... have the richmond district been engulfed by the sunset district while i was in NY?

tell me?!

i will update about NY later. :) it will be friend's only so sign on! yeah i'm talking to you, kevin! i know you lost your pw so "password request" it lol

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