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richmond ≠ sunset

so i wanted to be nice and took the super shuttle home from sfo.

the dude in charge of calling the vans asked me where i'm going, "san francisco: richmond district." i said to him. you know, home.

the conversation went on a little something like this...

the dude: richmond...? you mean sunset?
me: no, richmond district
dude: mission?
me: no, richmond district.

dude walked to talk to someone else. comes back and mumbles to himself "it's the sunset district"


i mean... yeah i walked out of the airport and all... but i was born and raised here... have the richmond district been engulfed by the sunset district while i was in NY?

tell me?!

i will update about NY later. :) it will be friend's only so sign on! yeah i'm talking to you, kevin! i know you lost your pw so "password request" it lol


(Deleted comment)
Oct. 14th, 2007 09:47 am (UTC)
seriously... what is up with that? so i asked the driver if he lives in sf... so i know he knows where he's taking me lol but he lives in vallejo! so i made sure and asked him if he knew the diff btwn the two district. luckily he knew that they are on different side of the park!

but he was saying how one district are in single digits and the other is in double digits... i was like uhhhh fyi, they have the same numbers.... and he's like "are you visiting??" lol i was like "i was born and raised in sf" and he didnt say anything afterward :]


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