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survey #958213

not that i'm bored or have nothing to do. on the contrary, i'm chatting with four ppl and i have a number of things to do at work... but here i am... procrastinating...

on with the survey! taken from unluckydnvrmint

1. Had sex: i like how they started the survey like that. no i havent. and even if i did, why would i say so?!?!
2. Bought something: yes, food. lots of it lol
3. Gotten sick: yes. motion sickness. eating too much food. food poisoning maybe? mixing drinks. you name it! not to mention i think i have the flu! and yes... this was all within 24 hrs
4. Sang: just in the car to the ipod
5. Been kissed: nope :* kiss me? jk
6. Ate something: yes... lots of it
7. Felt stupid: yes when i called kanye west "cane" west. lol
8. Talked to an ex: no
9. Missed someone: who's asking?!

1. Layed in your bed: uh... no one really lies in my bed but myself. on top maybe but not IN.
2. You went out to dinner with: jen, t, mandy, dave, my sis
3. You went to the mall with: frank, prob
4. You texted: josh

1. Said "I Love You" and meant it: i havent said it in that way yet
2. Got in a fight with your pet: i dont have a pet
3. Been to California: i live here
4. Been to Mexico: no
5. Been to Canada: yep and going back in thanksgiving!
6. Been to Europe: yeah altho it's kinda lame bc i didnt sightsee. all i did was go to a few rolling stones concerts :/

First kiss: charlie
First big trip: i was too young to remember
First time skiing/snowboarding: with Tommy a few years back
First Alcoholic Drink: in taiwan when i was like 16?
First job: cafe for all seasons. i make food look pretty lol
First date: i guess... it would be with charlie...?

Last car ride: driving to work haha
Last food you ate: mahi mahi mmmmmmm
Last love: ....
Last temptation: last week lol
Last item bought: mahi mahi lol
Last time wanting to die: oh... hmmm last monday was pretty embarrassing... not sure if i wanted to die or not tho since it went by so quickly
Last alcoholic drink: white wine :)
Last time at the mall: dont recall...

Name: eliza
Eye color: brown
Height: 5'6"
What are you wearing right now?: puma jacket :P jeans and a shirt i got for my bday :)
Righty or lefty: right
Best place to go for a date: it doesnt matter so long as its with someone i actually like <- good answer

Numbers: 3 or 9 but not together
Drink: dont really have one
Month: dont have one for this either lol i dont really care
Juice: right now i'm into tomato but all juices are nice :D
Breakfast: anything with bacon mmmmmmmmmmmm

Smoked: once when i was little
Gone skinny dipping: sorta but does it count if you're in a tub?
Broken a bone: nope
Played Truth or Dare: yes hahaha
Been on a plane: do you know who this is?? jk
Came close to dying: not that i know of
Been in a hot tub: yes
Swam in the ocean: yeah and the sea water hurts my eyes!
Fallen asleep in school: all the time hahaha
Broken someone's heart: i wouldnt like to admit so...
Cried when someone died: of course!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: i anticipate it but i dont just sit there and wait lol
Been cheated on: not that i know of

Who was the last person you called: jen
Who was the last person you danced with: haha jen
Who Makes you Smile?: lots of ppl make me smile :)

1. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: over all appearance. LOL it counts right?!
2. Your Favorite Food?: anything japanese
3. Have you ever cried for no reason?: theres always a reason <-- yep
4. Are you too shy to ask someone out?: not really. but after asking 1 guy out i realize that i dont need to ask a guy out if he is interested in me! so yeah. i dont ask guys out anymore
5. Hugs or kisses? both, please. thanks
6. Butter, Plain, or Salted popcorn?: kettle!
7. Favorite Flower?: uhm........... dont have one :P
8. How many pillows do you sleep with?: just one.


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