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so in a brief summary, yesterday i slept all day. yay. good sleep. kevin picked up later. denise gave me lotion, yay. dinner was good. i finally get to see my wish come true yay. how cute! "hey you're pretty good looking today... for the library" HAHAHA kevin, we're so bad! disney on ice was hilarious. funny stuff man hahahah tons of CUTE kids.... some annoying ones that wont stop talking... but still cute. i really gotta be aware of cussing in front of kids hehe right jonathan? cotton candy good. sorry kevin! i practically ate all of it hahahaah LOVE the dalmations hahahahahahaha i'm a doggie too! saw my coworker with his family?! THAT was weird hahah GOT upgraded REALLY good. for FREE! yay. very NICE seats. chilling at oakland hehehe at the bart parking lot. damn i should've took pictures of that bart police car hahahah i'm a tourist! got another daughter! hahaha and awww my little der's all grown up. hahah saw some x rated stuff in the backseat between ahem and so and so LOLOLOL oakland was good. fun. jason and denys cutting each other off hahah what's up with guys and cutting each other off!? GE was good. we did almost everything but ping pong! I GOT A BULLS EYE! WHOO HOO! hehe too bad salina had to leave early. =\ i guess i'll probably be hearing that we're going drinking in two weeks? since denys isnt gonna be back next week HAR HAR. pst. thank you jonathan ;D

for more detailed version, go to </a></b></a>thegame15

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