hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

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overworking myself

so i've recently joined planet granite for rock climbing and i've been going as often as i can to make the membership worth it. we usually go during the weekends but i'm going to be out of town 3 out of the 4 weekends this month. and two weeks of this month i am busy the WHOLE week... so i decided i should go twice this week.

uh....... yeah..... i just realized i am over working myself.

tonight - rock climbing
tomorrow - swimming
thurs - rock climbing
sat, sun, mon - clubbing all nights bc i'll be in vegas. aka dancing until at least 4 am
thurs, fri - snowboarding

shit, i didnt realize what i got myself into. i am so going to burn out and be sore...

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