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vegas incident

if there's one thing i dont like about vegas is the fact that you can smoke indoors. and if you ever went clubbing anywhere, you'll know that going to one place to another in a crowded club is like pushing your way through a river. you get shoved around a lot... sometimes if you're lucky, you're going with the currency.

in my last clubbing night in vegas, i got shoved into someone holding a cigarette and got burned. with no help what-so-ever, the owner of the cigarette didnt even move and i overheard her said, "wasnt my fault" to her friend. uh... what a bitch. ok, you dont have to apologize, but an "are you ok?" would've been nice.

i hurried my way to the bathroom to take care of it. if you ever went clubbing in vegas, you'll know that not only do all their bathrooms have maids in them but they are truly stocked up (not sure how it is for the guys). the counter where you wash your hands have mouth wash, perfume, lotion, spray on deodorant, basically anything you can think of that you might need to freshen up. so i went to one of the attendants (?) and asked if they had any burnt ointment. the lady suggested i ask the bartender bc they carry a first aid kit sometimes.

i told the bartender what happened and was directed to a security guard. repeated what i said to the security guard, he asked me to stay to the side and called for someone. he said that the security manager is coming....?? basically they made it kinda a huge deal. they brought me out to this private place where it's quieter. had two other hotel reps come over with big ass tool-box-like bags. i had to explain myself again, then they went through their stuff.

later she told me they got nothing for me but this towel that they can wet... said i can get ice from the bar...? uh... i was like "i just wanted an ointment..." and she's like "we dont have it and even if we do, we cant give it to you." ok...... what is the big bag for? "but if you want, we can call a paramedic for you". yeah. no thanks.

in a nutshell, they did everything i could've done myself lol if i knew it was gonna be such a big deal, i would've not asked. ah, woulda coulda shoulda. funniest thing? i found out that i travel with, who i now call, "a girl's scout" and she carries a first aid kit with her when she travels. sooo i just ended up putting some burnt ointment on it at the end of the night (or more like break of dawn the next day)

i took a pic of it. if you wanna see it. click here lol (yeah i know i have hairy arms :X)

anyway... i'm working on a few videos of my trips. it's coming... i promise... starting with halloween. HAHA

i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving weekend!
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