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thanks to laura for the recommendation and heather for going with me... i caught myself at the jessica mcmlintock outlet this afternoon.

needless to say i came out of there with five dresses HAHAH for the price of one!!!!!! i'm so happy with all my dresses. wheeeeeeee~!!!

except one of the dresses is very elaborate... it looks like a wedding dress bc i got the white one... none of the other colors have my size but yellow... and i like the white one a lot better than the yellow one.

now i just have to figure out where i can wear that dress to lol there's really nowhere i can wear it bc there's no way i will be wearing this to a wedding... i dont want to be mistaken as the bride nor out stage her! also, it's too elaborate for any formal dinner. but i dont care, it's $20!!! haha uhm... let's go to a ball! lol

oh, now i need new shoes. LOL! (i'm such a girl). anyone interested? hehe

p.s. i updated with my halloween video (friend's only). so login to view it :)

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