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2007 survey

i pulled up an old 2005 survey and changed it for 2007 :) i feel like doing one of those surveys

2007 In The Beginning...

Where did you ring in the New Year? hk's lan kwai fon. haha never doing that again
Who were you with? eric, calvin and alan
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? yes
Did you make any resolutions? yes... i think...
If so did you keep them? i cant even recall them! and i didnt blog about it either. haha

2007 Friends and Enemies...

Did you meet any new friends this year? yes :D cool ppl~
Did any of your friendships end? hmmmm a relationship ended...
Did you dislike anyone? nope :) i decided that if i dont like anyone, just dont hang around them. why be around them and dislike them?
Did you get into any fights? arguments but nothing too major like a fist fight hehe
Did you make any new enemies? i dont think so haha
Did you resolve any fights? yes, i can think of one
Who was your closest friend? jen

2007... The Holidays!

Did you have a Valentine? yes i did
Did the Easter bunny visit you? that's a scary thought lol <-- sticking to the same answer last time
Did you watch fireworks on the 4th of July? nope. i went to my mom's friend's house party. we had a huge hot pot.
Did you dress up for Halloween? yes! whee! i loved my costume too :D
What did you do for Thanksgiving? i went snowboarding in canada! haha we had roasted beef for midnight snack (beginning of thanksgiving) and had fondue for dinner! yummy!!!
Did you make a list of gifts for the holidays? nope. i should get started...
Did you receive what you wanted? christmas isnt here yet but so far so good :)
Were you good this holiday season? maybe... i mean, yes... i was lol

2007... Your BIRTHDAY!!!

How old did you turn? 25!! my god~
Did you have a cake? yes. ice cream cake, as always. and cupcakes! whee!
What did you do for your birthday? on my bday, jen stopped by with flowers, balloons and cupcakes haha then we had dinner :)
Did you have a party? naw :P i dunno why, i didnt feel like it... but i guess you can consider my vegas trip a bday thing...?
Did you get any presents? yep :D thank you!

2007... The Memories and Accomplishments!

Funniest Memory? i'll have to say halloween when we were trying to pet those cave couple
Saddest Memory? well... the break up
Most Embarassing Memory? i actually found it quite embarrassing when i asked teal to sign heather's bday card and he rejected me. dunno why... maybe bc i knew it was the wrong time to ask but it was my only time to ask!
Best Accomplishment? gosh, i dunno...

2007... FAVORITES!

Favorite TV shows? pushing daisies came up quick this year!
Favorite songs? i really like bubbly by colbie caillat :)
Favorite bands? do you really have to ask? :P
Favorite food? japanese, always!
Favorite stores? hmmm that jessica mcmlintock outlet hahah yes i am aware that i found out about it yesterday!
Favorite restaurants? not sure... hehe
Favorite piece of clothing? i've been wearing my arm warmers a lot :)

2007... All about YOU

Did you change at all this year? i got a haircut haha i start to view a few things differently. followed my quote. be happy and work with what i got :) exercised more.
Did you dye your hair? nope
Did you get your hair cut? yes, got bangs
Did you change your style? not really.
Were you in school? nope
Did you have a job? yep, same one since
Did you drive? a lot this year since i got a car :)
Did you own a car? yep!!!!
Did you lose anyone this year? you can call it that... :/
Did anyone close to you give birth? nope
Did you move at all? nope
Did you go on any vacations? haha do you know who you're talking to? jk :P
Did you leave the country at all? well i was still in hk the beginning of this year. also i went to canada. that counts right? lol
Would you change anything about yourself now? hmmmmmmm i think i am ok right now :)

there is a last section called "wrap up" but i figured since the year hasnt end yet, i wont do it. maybe i'll do it after the new year. maybe lol

i hope my year ends in a bang :) i hope all goes well. i hope all well go well for everyone else :)
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