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yesterday i was in my parent's room ironing my clothes... yes i iron my clothes... when behind me, i heard my dad asked my mom where she got this pocket knife. "oh, so and so told me to carry it for her and forgot to ask for it back," she told him... and then about a min later, she said, "wait?! how did i get on the plane?" at first i thought she was talking about how she was a day late for her flight... but what she actually meant was that this knife was in her purse the whole time, she just forgot about it... and went through security fine! my mom was totally surprised and in disbelief... i'm not sure why... but she's all saying, "the so-called security kept saying how tight they were... checking under the shoes and stuff." i dunno, i guess you gotta be there, I thought it was funny haha

on another note, my store manager was doing the schedules yesterday and he came up to me and asked me if i am free friday, nov 7th. i wasnt scheduled for work. well anyway you know how i dont plan things waaaay ahead of time unless it's about maroon5 or like some special event. so of course, i dont have anything planned. he asked if i wanan join this asian art museum party from 8 - 12. and i looked at him weird because i wondered how i can get home and my operation manager was there and told me, "you get paid." and i'm like "oh ok." COOL. hahaha i dunno if you know, but i love going to museums... and now i get PAID to do it whoo hoo hahaha but yeah so apparently me and two other coworkers are going to this whole party thing with my store manager on that friday. he kept saying to dress nice and stuff. he said that i am gonna show some ppl a few products and possibly demo the new aibo. yay snoopy! lol

so of course, being that i'm a girl, and yesterday was HECKA slow, i took the whole day to think of what to wear for this party. i love thinking about what to wear hahah HmMmMM so i thought about wearing white and stuff... to match the aibo... so i asked him what i should wear and he said, "just wear something you would wear to a smart asian art party" well no shit, i know that much... but yeah i think i know the PERFECT skirt for it. I LOVE MY SILK SKIRT. but the problem is, when i wear this skirt, i usually wear it with these clear flipflops i got from H2O... but those arent very formal... i have no other white shoes. so i decided that i'll wear that skirt today and go shopping for new white shoes. heheh (and possibly a new top too yay hahaha) yay for shoppinG! it's a girl's weakness

but just my luck, today is cold. wtf. so i'm wearing this turtle neck with this skirt and flipflops... ppl must think i look weird because I THINK SO lol
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