hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

ni hao ma?

you know what annoys me? when non-asians speak some asian language to you bc you're asian. i'm not talking about how you meet someone, they find out what ethnicity you are and what language you speak and say "oh i know a few phrases" etc. i'm talking about strangers on the streets (guys mainly) who says it to you in hope they can get on your good side or something. wow. now that you know how to say "how are you" in my language i feel more connected to you... RIGHT.

first off, what makes you think i am actually that ethnicity? i've actually had a black guy come up to me and speak to me in japanese. i just stared at him blankly. and before i can reach for my japanese speaking friend, he stopped me and asked "you're not japanese?" "no" "korean?" "no" "what are you then?" "uh... chinese" "you're a pretty chinese"

what the fuck. so you're trying to pick me up in japanese not knowing if i'm actually japanese or not? smooth.

second, even if you got it right... and said something chinese to me. what makes you think it's the right chinese language? i may speak mandarin or cantonese or taiwanese or etc! there are tons of different ways to speak the chinese language! and also, there are tones you have to learn to get them right.

in hoping i can get her into a sold out m5 show, a teenager said to me, "ni hao mao" (instead of "ni hao ma") which translate to "you're a good cat"... *shakes head*

third, even if i do speak cantonese and you said "lay ho ma" to me. what do you hope to accomplish? unless you can carry a conversation with me in cantonese. dont start off like that!

fourth, given the fact you're in america, just bc i look asian doesnt even mean i speak the language my parents speak!

sorry. i'm just ranting. lol it's just a bad way (imo) to get on my good side. just dont do it. lol

disclaimer: this post does not apply to non-asians who actually can speak a particular asian language well ;)
Tags: thoughts

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