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christmas vacation 2007

i had a lot of fun this christmas vacation.

my schedule was a little busy but well worth it. altho i should stop doing those back-to-back trips o_O

here's a few christmas trees i saw over my christmas vacation :) extra points if you can guess where i took them from haha altho one is pretty obvious, so that one doesnt count!

i think they look better in the dark too :)

oh and fyi, i spent nye with the cutest guy ever!

anyway, in disneyland, i came across one of those fortune teller machines. you know, the one where you put a quarter in, the manikin inside moves a little and then a card pops out? i am a pretty superstitious girl. usually when i see those things, i'll do them lol. i mean even tho i am superstitious i take these with a grain of salt. but i wanna share the card i got bc it's so interesting.

it's interesting bc it's so specific. usually these things are pretty vague and general. i mean, his first name starts with an M? ok?? and beware of proposals made by a gray haired man? dude, my boss is a gray haired man. does that mean i shouldnt listen to him? haha

and on a totally random note, i realized that i am such a fag hag haha



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Jan. 8th, 2008 06:46 am (UTC)
Oooh, pretty trees. :) Lemme see...Pier 39, Hyatt, CA Adventure, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and no clue :P

hehe, considering where the fortune card came from, I wonder if they're referring to Mickey Mouse! Unless you hate Mickey Mouse, then no...lol!
Jan. 8th, 2008 06:47 am (UTC)
HAHA! you are right! mickey! oh my!

btw you are GOOD about the trees!! A for you!

i am not surprised you dont know the last one. i took it at some outlet in LA lol
Jan. 9th, 2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
Citadel Outlet?

[if yes we were there too...haha]
Jan. 9th, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
haha yes!

we stopped by it on the way home :P you too? or you drove there and back?
Jan. 9th, 2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
we stopped by there briefly on the 30th...not the greatest outlet...i couldn't find anything...
Jan. 9th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
yeah. i only went bc of puma. i didnt get anything either :(
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