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so i've always liked andy lau. not as much as said laura or heather, but none-the-less, i think he's good looking and i like his acting and songs. and being a natural fan girl (in general) as i am, a few years ago, when heather and laura wanted to see andy at SFO, i had no problems joining them. whether we see him or not, making the sign and the company itself was fun enough.

but... when i DID see him at SFO and enjoyed his concert, it only made sense in a fan girl's eyes to join the fan club so i can attend a meet and greet with him in vegas HAHA and that's what heather and i did. meeting him has made me more of a fan. he was nice and witty and charming. if you're not a fan of his before, meeting him would make you one.

but this really tops it. it impressed me by what he did. i mean it's one thing to see him on a commercial going "i support 30 children in the 3rd world country through school, you should help out if you can too" kinda thing... and another to see him do this in the below 1:14 min video.

it makes me proud to be an andy fan. seriously andy, 我不夠愛你
translation: i dont love you enough. (it's a title of one of his songs lol)
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