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are you trying to hint something?

i came back from lunch with a hallmark card on my desk. nothing written on the envelope. i opened it and the card said "i heard you found a new job".......... uh......... ok? is someone leaving? i opened the card to see who it could be for, nothing. it was new.

now i'm usually the person in charge of putting my company parties together for someone's bday or goodbye party, etc. so i thought maybe someone is asking me to plan something... so i asked around... without trying to give out too much... bc i always try to make our parties a surprise one, wahtever it may be. "did someone leave a card on my desk...?"

eventually i found out that a coworker was cleaning out her desk and bought an extra goodbye card just in case of a last min goodbye party... i guess? gave it to me bc i am in charge of those things. it was quite funny tho. bc we joked how they were trying to hint to me something. haha "oh we forgot to sign the card? well you know our names anyway. goodbye!"

Tags: funny, work

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