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fans send us sweets once in a while. usually for some special occasion. we especially have one that takes any opportunity possible to make us happy. halloween. st. patrick's day. etc. today we got a box of valentine's day candies from her. and of course, in the box included the sweethearts with little sayings on them.

one of them caught my eye: ILU

which we all know means "i love you." i always make fun of these acronyms bc it doesnt make sense. it should be ILY. not ILU. and IMY and not IMU. just that the "u" looks better than the "y"

my coworker was like, "well in that case, maybe it should be IEU and ISU instead." as in the last letter of each word. haha!

let's start a trend. spread the word. tell your loved ones IEU and ISU going forward. haha!

i had L pose with the sweetheart :P he's plotting to eat it while i'm not looking haha
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