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nice coworkers :D

so today i ordered a chocolate cake i was craving... except after everything was delivered and such... i realized they gave me the wrong cake.

and i guess i must looked sad or something bc one of my coworkers made a comment about that hahah (i think it had to do with the fact that i'm tired?)

anyway, one of them went out for a break and when she came back she had a gift for me. on top of it was a cake drawn onto it hahah it said "chocolate cake"

when i opened it, it was snacks that i really like! haha with a handmade card saying on the outside "sorry it didnt work out," inside "but maybe next time" LOL!

i was like "did i really looked THAT sad?!" haha they were like "yeah like the world is about to end" LOL what the hell.

awww they are so nice! ♥
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