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i went snowboarding last sunday! now i'm no pro or anything but falling has been pretty minimal for me. or if i do fall, they arent bad as i know how to cushion it. but recently i've been trying to get a hang of carving and i've been falling when i do that :(

unfortunately the two times i fell bc of carving, i landed on hard snow. omg. it might as well be cement. really! and worse off? the falls were both in a short period of time and i landed in the same spot on my knee! by the time i arrived at the bottom of the hill, it hurt, a lot.

now i get bruises a lot (thanks to rock climbing) but none of them hurt unless i touch them. this one hurt when i walk! but hey, i may bruise easily but i am not fragile! haha i went back up and did two more runs. (oddly enough, snowboarding did not hurt?!)

jen joked and asked if i needed ice for my bruise haha i think it woudl be so funny actually, if i went to first aid and ask for ice LOL

anyway my family uses this magnet thing that helps with muscle pains and such. it's round. i put it on my bruise for a day but it didnt cover the whole bruise. i took it off and look how my bruised turned out LOL

i guess i just wanted to show you these pic bc i think it looks funny.

the pic on the left was taken yesterday after i took the magnet off. the pic on the right was taken today (i did not put it back on after i took it off).

does that say O X in the 2nd pic? haha

jen says that my bruises look like alien crop circles haha! well at least we know the thing works haha. let's just hope i wont fall on them again this weekend. yes, i'm going again. and let's hope they disappear before i attend donato's wedding!!!

well some guys have told me that seeing girls with bruises is a good thing bc it means she's active ha. ha. ha...

i know. i'm weird. i like to show ppl my bruises and cuts haha



Mar. 7th, 2008 07:20 am (UTC)
does that say O X in the 2nd pic?
haha, that's the first thing I saw too!
Mar. 10th, 2008 07:51 pm (UTC)
haha good. i'm not going crazy!


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