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who would you save?

i had the funniest convo with josh last night. we were at blockbuster and he was renting out 28 weeks later. and he's like "have i told you about my zombie attack list?" and i'm like "huh?" he's like "if there was a zombie attack, and we were running and someone you know were to trip and fall, would you turn around and save that person?" he was telling me how he really thought about who he would save. and he's like "you are on that list of a handful of ppl i would turn around and save. you know they are dear to you when you would do that." (haha, pick up line? jk!) he was so funny. he was all like "i thought about whether to save my mom or leave her" HAHA WHAT? as i hit him. "no no, she's old you know." LOL!

i'm sure he's just kidding... I THINK? either way. it was so funny. i told him to not turn around and save me if i were to fall. save yourself! LOL unless he has some kickass weapon that he knows can save us both lol

WHO WOULD YOU SAVE? tonight, think about it before you sleep. haha and girls, ask your bfs that. LOL jk!!

i am in SUCH a good mood today :D i dont know why!
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