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china/hk trip

so i wrote this entry a few days ago......... i never put it up bc i wanted to add more scenic photos... never got to it... so here it is for now... haha i'll upload more pics later or something......

i've been HORRIBLE about updating about my trips. (i never do it lol). so bc of that, i'm attempting to update about this one. haha

if you didnt know, i went to china and hk at the end of march. my good friend, donato, was getting married. his wife's family and friends are mainly over there... so they held the wedding over there. our whole group + donato's closest friends and family went to china for it.

he's my first close friend to get married. i just had to be there for him. one. he wont have many ppl on his side. two, i never been to guangzhou, so it'll be interesting anyway. and last but definitely not the least, well, i just wanna be there for him haha i wanna be apart of it! and i guess everyone else felt the same bc majority of us went.

anyway it was a lot of fun. for the most part we followed a tour. but none the less, it was exciting to attend his wedding!

here are some photos:

the mountain in the last pic, we hiked that sucker :P

i'll post a separate entry that is friend's only of photos with ppl in them! haha if you have me on facebook, i uploaded pics on facebook :) (which are probably the same as the ones i already or about to put up)
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