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so my mom went to vietnam/hk for a couple weeks (she just came back yesterday). she called me while she was there to ask me a question... and during our conversation, my dad called me too. so i figured to put them on conference just in case they have anything to say to each other... even tho they talk to each other every night anyway... after a few secs of confusion on my dad's end to why he could hear my mom, they went into conversation about other things not regarding me. i got kinda bored so i started texting someone back who texted me lol!

technology, isnt it amazing?


yesterday as i laid in bed trying to sleep, my sister was trying to wrap up her essay. all the lights were on. i couldnt sleep. i said to her faintly... "molly..." and before i could ask her to turn off the lights for me, she stood up and turned off the lights closest to my bed. my sister is totally a mind reader haha!
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