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so today is the day. in about 5 hours i will go on a date with jesse. parts of my dream will come true. actually i actually dreamt of this. but anyways i meant my dreams as in wishes. i'm not sure how i can describe this feeling. it sorta feels like i'm about to act on stage. really wanna do it but extremely nervous. what if something goes wrong? what if i made a mistake and i messed up my one chance? what if? what if? well i'm more of waiting for it to be three instead of being afraid of messing up. whoooooo it's like going to a concert. the anticipation. i still dont have much questions. but knowing me, i'll just wing it.

i'm also looking forward to the asian art museum on friday. i wanna show off my new outfit hehe it's nice =) so what i'm going to do today is stay home all day until after the "date." and while i wait for it to be three, i'll try on my outfit again and get myself ready as if i'm going to that party. just to see how it looks like all together. hair, make up and all. if my jacket would match and if my top is unappropriate, which one would i wear instead. hehe fun day today.

i cant wait. is it three yet?
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