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i am such a girl. omg.

i was online shopping (sorry, jen, did it without ya! :X) and i saw this dress i really really like. it's SUPER cute. like omg. it's totally my style too! but it's listed as $98. and i'm like i REALLY want it but i dont know if i should get it for $98! that's about the same price as flying down to vegas rt haha!

anyway, after showing it to all my coworkers, i was leaning on more of getting it. all the girls think it's cute. even my coworker who said "well let me see, i'm hard to please" without hesitation said it was really cute lol my gay coworker said, "it's sexy" LOL now if the gays think it's sexy... lol!

either way. i decided. ok. i'm gonna try it on and see. if it looks good, i'll decide then. so i called the store and they had my size! nice. then i asked how long they can hold it for, "only until the end of tonight, it's a sale's item." my heart stopped for a sec... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "how much is it now?" "$49.99"

dude. it's totally meant to be! well, unless it looks like crap on me,.. then it's not. but yeah.


added 5/9: so i went and tried on the dress. the lady was nice enough to tell me there were two colors, so she held them both for me. i couldnt decide on which color to get, so i got both :X you know, buy them both now decide later!

but once i figured out which one i want more, i'm returning one. yes. really. i am. lol

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