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for the ppl that dont know, my working environment is very relaxing. there's no cubes or dividers, or dress code. we usually have music playing and we close the whole office down for an hour twice a week to do yoga. (yes, during business hours! haha) and the person who makes the most politically incorrect jokes is usually my boss... who sometimes walks around without shoes lol

i have one coworker that likes to sing, out loud, during work. acapella style bc he listens to the songs with his headphones. once in a while, out of nowhere, he'll bust out with a song lol he doesnt really care how he sounds or who he's bothering. and we dont really think much of it either.

today he was singing "i am your angel" by r. kelly and celine dion. as you know, it's a duet. and while he was singing one part (i think it was celine's), i jumped in and sang r kelly's part lol! it went on for about a verse (bc we dont really know the lyrics).

it was so fun and funny! lol

added: uh. hahaha my boss started to play some trance music and i'm like "am i at a rave?!" then a min later he switched to some tribal song, flutes and percussion type of music. and he's like "better?" lol!
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