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i dont remember what brought up this memory but it made me smile and i wanted to share it with you guys. the story itself is short, but i want to elaborate on it anyway lol just because. it's more for me and dominic lol

i have known dominic (aka dancetygerdance) since 2nd grade. he's actually my longest known friend (is that the correct way of saying it?). anyway, we always say that we're practically family to each other... but it's more than simply bc we've known each other for a really long time. when you think about it, our families are connected.

when we first met, dominic's family lived literally across the street from my dad's store. my brother and i went to the same elementary and middle school as dominic and his brothers. dominic and i were in the same class together, my brother was in the same class as one of his brothers. i became good friends with dominic and my brother with his. not long after, dominic's mom gave birth to twin girls. a few months later, my mom gave birth to my sister. coincidence? i dont know, but definitely weird... and i dont THINK they planned it? haha. we're all sorta connected in a way not only through this but also bc his family was a regular at my dad's.

also, bc dominic's home is so close to school and my dad's store, often times you'll see me over there. be it to do hw together (actually dominic sometimes did my kumon hw lol!) or to help "babysat" his sisters. wow, when you think about it, i literally saw them grow up... they are 18 now...

anyway... once in a while, my sister would come over to play too (ok i'm finally getting into topic here lol). the one vivid memory i have of my sister playing with dominic's sisters was when they were very young. at the time, my sister couldnt speak english yet but she tries to communicate with dominic's sisters. to me, whatever she's saying sounds like gibberish. but i think dominic's sisters thought my sister was speaking chinese. lol!

i just thought that was funny. lol. that's it.

i miss you, dominic! come back soon!



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May. 28th, 2008 09:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Definitely Connected
i'm marking my calendars!

you're so right! even when we get separated we totally somehow meet up again!


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