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donating your eggs

my aunt wants to switch jobs so my dad asked me to help her look around. i was on craigslist and i came across this: ASIAN EGG DONORS NEEDED! EARN $8000 (All Bay Area)


it'll be like putting your child up for adoption except you're getting money for it and dont have to go through the whole 10 months + labor thingy (i'm so pc, i know lol)... wait. that's basically like selling your baby for $8000!

i was thinking, wouldnt it be weird if you do this and by chance bump into some 18 yr old kid 18 yrs later who sorta look like you. you'll be like "could it be my child?!" LOL

a pro to this? (well besides the $8000 haha) you would know if you can conceive or not. i think that's one thing i'm worried about. i wouldnt know until i try, yeah?

$8000 is very tempting lol but surgery is scary o_O
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