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freudian slip?

ever since my sister started to cosplay, we've been going to conventions often. about a few months ago, a certain someone caught my eye and i've been seeing him at every anime convention we've gone to since. i always liked going to anime conventions but now with the eye candy, it's more of a plus to go haha!

so you can only imagine my excitement when i heard that we're all going to the "black and white ball" held last sunday that fanime decided to put together! i thought, great! not only can i wear my elaborate white dress but i can also ask the eye candy to dance if he's there!! whee! killing two birds with one stone!

when i got there, my heart skipped a beat when i saw him on the dance floor. i went as myself, he was in a solider costume. i carefully observed him without making it seemed obvious that i was (HAHA!) and noticed he's not there with anyone particular. i built up the courage to ask him to dance when i noticed he was free. my goal was to dance with him that night and that's what i planned to do! so i did it. he nicely accepted it and even tho we both admitted that we know nothing about ballroom dancing, i followed him nervously to the dance floor.

if you're wondering, no there was no connection. there were no sparks. we didnt exchange info. i did however found out a few info about him but i totally blew it haha i found out that he's currently going to school in USF. my first response? no, not "oh my friend just graduated there for law school last wknd" or "i have a friend who's a faculty at the psychology department," i said of all things, "oh i live near there!"

uh dude. stalker?! i am so not slick, esp when it comes to talking to guys i'm attracted to. sigh. lol but none-the-less, it was certainly fun to have my little moment with him, even if it went no where romantically :P and yes, i was too chicken to get a photo with him lol!

but goddamn he was so cute!

oh a side note, i have once again lost another dvd of mine. did i lend pirates 1 to any of you guys? :/
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