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csi season finale

ok, so i know i'm a little behind. about a month, to be exact. but i finally got to it and watched the CSI season finale last night.

can we just say, "OH MY GOD!"?!?!

my sister and i are baffled. i mean i do not know how they will be able to start off season 9 by ending season 8 like that!

we had a bad feeling that something bad was gonna happen to warrick but i definitely did not expected THAT! i am so sad that he got shot! and through the neck?!

how can he live through that?! i dont know how they will be able to explain him living through that! i read he was leaving the show but it was also said that it'll be an open ending so he'll come back once in a while!

i mean i know they are fake characters but i've grown pretty attached to all of them throughout these 8 seasons. i held my breath through the whole "grave danger" ep where nick was kidnapped and buried alive.

omg!!! noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! warrick!!!!!!!!!

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