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comic con 2008

omg. i just found out that the cast of pushing daisies will be at comic con this year!

OMG! i totally waited for something better to come up for this year's schedule... but havent really been keeping up to date! now i wanan go and the tickets are sold out! SOLD OUT!

but i guess that's not the worse of it bc ppl are selling them on ebay. so there's still hope. except there's not.

bc before i jumped into buying the tickets on ebay, i checked my calendar only to realize i will be in virginia that wknd for m5's opening night!

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEE PACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel slightly conflicted as i am super excited in seeing the first show of the tour for m5 but at the same time really sad bc what are my odds of being in the same room as lee pace ever again? ... whereas i see m5 all the time!
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