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celebrity crushes

i'm very fortunate. even tho my sister is 8 yrs younger than me, we have similar interests. many times if she's interested or likes something, so do i. it's nice to have a bond like that.

recently my sister has been really into the movie camp rock (which btw disney is TOTALLY promoting it like there's no tomorrow). at first i'm like whatever, but i watched the movie with her anyway. and let's just say... i have been faced with a question i've been faced before, why do the hot guys get younger?!

guys like

joe jonas (18) and zac efron (20) make me swoon...... uh............. i learned a new term recently. my sister informed me that the "in" thing to call someone like me at the moment is a "pedobear" lol

-___-; even tho, they are legal... i feel WRONG just thinking they are attractive. i guess they would call me a cradle robber :/

in my defense, my top 5 favorite celebrity crushes are all older than me lol! click on the photos to enlarge :D

jesse carmichael (29)
the love of my life
edward norton (38)
best actor EVER!
lee pace (29)
my boyfriend
archie kao (34)
fun to look at lol
james mcavoy (29)
just hot

you all know that jesse is the love of my life. i recently upgraded lee pace to my bf. even tho i ADORE edward norton to no end, if i were to consider dating him for reals, i wouldnt. he's more of an idol, a god, that i dont touch lol! archie and james mcavoy are good looking but i havent really seen them do anything to impress me yet.

i know, i'm such a fan girl
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