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i'm just gonna update a little. the chat with jesse is how i imagined it... except for my four mins were extremely slow. he's a slow typer. and he rejected me again! how many times can i be rejected by a guy? hahaha i dont think it's more than how luck rejected me hahahahaa but yeah.... he's bound to give in some time LOL maybe the next 23847982374th time i see him. maybe.

on another note, tomorrow is that whole asian art musuem thing. i'm kinda excited about that. the art would be cool. and you know what? i get to play with the new aibo! we finally named him marshmellow. actually, those aibo ppl did. if i had to name him, it would've been snoopy hehehe BUT anyways, the top that i am wearing for this party is hot pink... and aibo's bone and ball are HOT pink too. like it's the SAME color... so i hope... he wouldnt go nuts on me like the other aibos. when the older aibos see similar colors to their ball, they freak out and goes towards it like it's their ball... and it wouldnt listen to any commands what so ever... but i think the new aibo is different. because i remember him seeing a color similar to the ball and all it did was look... because this new aibo is more aware of strangers and it gets scared if it doesnt recognize you. HOW CUTE IS THAT? i was demo-ing it and a guest told it to come over to her... and the new aibo looked at her and kept backing away towards me and would stop when it reaches me heheh

sometimes the aibo can be fun. hi jonathan! =P
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