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one of the best 4 mins of my life

eliza: hey jesse
Jesse: hi
eliza: i LOVe take what you want (because he said it wont be on the next album)
eliza: just an fyi
Jesse: i'm glad... we just didn't end up feeling attached to it
eliza: anyways, do you recognize any names in this chat?
eliza: it's ok, i love all m5 songs
Jesse: no... but hello... everyone... i'm sure i've met some of you...
eliza: do you remember me?
eliza: i'm the girl who wondered why you never smiled and you did for me in san jose
eliza: that asian girl...
Jesse: i'm not good with names... especially when there are no faces with them... ahhh yes... hello...
eliza: hiiii
Jesse: i'm smiling now!!!
eliza: hahaha!
eliza: btw, thank you for that... you dunno how much that made my day
Jesse: well... that was easy
eliza: how rae you feeling now? youw ere sick when is aw you last in LA
Jesse: that's good
eliza: yeah, smiles mean a lot
Jesse: it's nice when your day can by made by something so simple
Jesse: can be made
eliza: i agree
Jesse: word
eliza: so jesse... how do you feel to have fans like me and my friends follow you around your tour?
eliza: liek from concert to concert
eliza: two of them are in this chat right now. thanks to john! thanks
Jesse: i like the idea that people are into our band... i like the idea that people want to experience it a few nights in a row...
eliza: would you ever wanan hang around fans as freinds?
eliza: would you wanan go on a date with FOUR of your BIGGEST fans ? we'll pay
eliza: we're going to your last three headlining tour shows
eliza: SF, anaheim and vegas baby
Jesse: that's a sweet offer... but i cannot accept... i've given my vows to the church

i wonder what does that mean. i guess it means that it's just a nice way to reject me. i've been rejected. again lol
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