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jb burning up 2008 tour

i went to a jonas brother's concert last night. my sister wanted to go. so we went. luckily after i bought the tickets i ended up watching camp rock. that sure helped hyped it up for me LOL

they sure know how to make an entrance lol.

they are really good live. very interactive with the fans. full of energy. fun to watch. the fans were amazingly into it also. great crowd. that always helps with a concert experience. during "hello beautiful" they stopped in the middle and everyone just screamed for a good 2 mins. the big screen was on joe and you can tell how surprised he was for how long the crowd went. he even laughed. after a while i got used to the screams lol

being there and rocking out to the songs made me feel like a teenager again haha it was a lot of fun. it helps to have a younger sister. the sad thing? even when i said "this makes me feel five years younger!" it still makes me older than my sister and also not even a teen! doh -____-;

and as pedobear as this sounds, OMJ. (it means "oh my jonas" but in this case, "oh my, joe" LOL) also, dude my sister and i saw that smirk on his face when he introduced demi! we LOVE that smirk! (you can see the SAME smirk in this video at 3:27-3:30. makes sure to click on "watch in high quality." i'm surprised how clear it is!) jemi ftw! (yes, i'm purposely talking like a teenie booper lol) seriously, if you watch the whole part of them singing together (start at 2:46 till end). it's like, uh, that's either really good acting or there's something there!

altho... taylor swift is really pretty. (she was at the show! walked right pass us and sat in the section next to us!) she's prettier in person. i would not be disappointed at all if he ended up with taylor swift instead of demi. (there's been rumors that joe is dating her). my sister disapproves. she's giving me X's as i type this.

ok enough of jb!
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