hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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m5 = love

i'm at detroit right now...... with two hours to kill. uh. yeah. connecting flights suck. actually, my whole trip is all about connecting in detroit. i've come somewhat accustomed to DTW's terminal A (it's kinda big. so big they have a train specifically for it! so you can travel from one gate to another!). lol

anyway... we didnt find out until later that we're staying at the same hotel as m5. by then it was too late to change. we generally try to make sure we do NOT stay at the same hotel. but whatever. so the fans were able to have a few encounters with the guys at the lobby and such. i unfortunately did not see jesse... :/ (yeah, he's the only one that matters LOL) i did see matt, mickey and james (at different times). must be the way that the sunlight was hitting matt's eyes bc i thought he looked especially good that day. he was a little sick but joked how he felt better after watching the dark knight (by himself!) at a theatre near by.

even tho i didnt get to talk to jesse (even during the meet and greet), i still love him! i guess it just kinda happens whenever i see him lol i had a "moment" with him when i walked onto the stage (on his side) and we made eye contact that lasted for probably 5 secs but to me it felt like 5 mins lol it was like in a movie when everything is in slow motion and the guy becomes a little brighter and a little softer looking. LOL wind blowing in his hair, hearts in the background... i'm just kidding. lol ok maybe not... :X

jesse carmichael, if you read this, i still love you! please dont think i stopped being a fan bc i work for you guys now lol i'm a loyal fan even tho i now see the TRUE side of you guys :X jk jk... it was kinda bad. i had to hold my posture when i first saw them. the fan in me wanted out! luckily i was "professional." that's why i'm afraid they think i'm not a fan anymore. whenever i see them now, i'm working. so i cannot be a fan anymore. more times for the other fans, you know? it's the downside of working for them.

also, omg, i love shawn. he is SO nice!!!!!!!!! and always so good to the fans. i'm so grateful that they have him. last min, jordan decided to give the TP ppl autograph vinyls of IWBSBL. shawn called me in btwn m5's set (uh, yeah! i know! i missed a song lol) asking to meet up so he can give it to me. the fan in me came out and got excited! "is there extras?" and he's like "no." then i'm not sure how but he said that he could hold onto them until the end of the set. and when we met up again, there was an extra one :D!!!!!!!!!!! for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe i showed a disappointed face lol!

i ♥ shawn. i ♥ jesse. i ♥ m5.

oh, the set was about the same as the others :X but they did play kiwi~! and did a really good cover of chris issak's "i wanna fall in love" right before SWBL. it was a good combo. two highlights of the show lol i recorded a little bit of the cover, i'll up it to youtube when i get home.

counting crows was alright. i'm not much of a fan so i wasnt paying too much of an attention. by the time they got on, i was tired from m5's set, so i was sitting down lol i dunno if the other ppl at the venue felt the same... or if they are all m5 fans... or just that counting crow fans arent that into rocking out... bc the crowd just died after m5 got off. :X

and on a totally separate and random note, my hair is a total mess. the jetlag that you get being in the east coast when you're from the west coast is the worse! a fly tried to eat my fries... i trapped it in my bag :X the headphones that comes with the iphone sucks. apple headphones always suck for me! (i'm forced to use them bc i broke my sony ones :( ) the emergency exit seats on northwest airline planes have 10x more leg space than first class! haha
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