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10 things i like

the object of this meme is to list ten things you like... but they all have to start with the same letter. i asked devipz to do the honors and she picked the letter "J". comment if you want to play, and i'll give you a letter.

here are ten things i like (starting with "J"):

1. jesse carmichael, the love of my life (yeah, duh)
2. jen, my partner in crime, my personal therapist, my best friend
3. joe jonas, my guilty pleasure
4. jonas brothers
5. jamba juice
6. james mcavoy
7. junk foods, my weakness
8. japanese related things (i.e. culture, style, anime, food)
9. joking around
10. jeff dunham

hey, what can i say? i'm a j-lover LOL! (this is actually a lot harder than i thought haha!) the person i stole this from put pics up for each item, i'm too lazy for that :P
Tags: time waster

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