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cell phone survey

you know how much i love these things lol
taken from unluckydnvrmint.

1. What color is your phone?
silver but the big black screen that covers one side makes it look black... a little

2. Who's the first person who comes up under the letter M?
mandy. dont you feel special? lol my phone is alphabetized by first name (with full name displayed)

3. Who's the last person you called?
my mom. she's been bugging me all day to do something for her and i finally got the time to do it!

4. Who was your last missed call from?
paul, we keep playing phone tag!

5. Who's the 2nd person who comes up under D?
dai bat, which really translate to uncle #1 on the dad side. lol!

6. Who's speed dial 2?
my dad.

7. Who's the 3rd person who comes up under J
oh HAHA it's actually JRC :X yes i have his cell number. i'm not even sure if it's active or not anymore, but all is good :P

8. Who was your last received call from?
jen. she thought i was emailing and driving at the same time haha!

9. Who's speed dial number 4?
my brother. why, yes, i did program my family into speed dial.

10. Whats your wallpaper?

the exact same photo. it's from elizabethtown. i think it's a cute photo. makes me feel loved :P but i plan to change it soon hahaha

11. How many text messages are currently in your inbox?
ok, this is really dumb but i dunno how to check on my iphone?! i can tell you how many data i used... LOL

12. Who's speed dial 1?
my mom. in front of it, i put I.C.E. (in case of emergency) :]

13. What's the 5th message say in your inbox?
ok, this is the problem here. on the iphone, your send to and receive from one person is in the same window. it's like a thread. almost like a chatbox looking kinda thing. and the box of each person moves to the top every time i msg them or they msg me... so i have no CLUE what my 5th msg in my inbox say. ALTHO if i have to guess, it would be this "cool... will fwd to marc hehe" from ep

14. Who's the 1st person who comes up under B?
HOW FUNNY. it's jesse's dad, bob LOLOLOL unlike his son's, i didnt find the number, he actually gave me his! haha

15. Who was your last text message from?
ep, we were having a convo. ah the joy of unlimited texting :X

16. Name every person you have text messages from:
are you serious? you're serious? LOL uh......... ep, marc, frank, lora, carlos, greg, pete, stephen, quyen, amanda, sabrina c, pc, eddy, josh, nelson, heather, ronney, calvin, jen, charlie, debbie, jos, jessica, will, tim, joy, olfert, sylvia, steve, gerard, chelsea, jonathan, sabrina l, ezra, ray, martin, laura, mandy, sharon, lan, megan, john, mike. whew. this is on the iphone.

17. Have you seen the 101 Chuck Norris facts list?
my sister was reading me that yesterday. but what does this have to do with cellphones?

18. Who's the 9th person on your missed calls?
i actually dont have a 9th person on my miss called list. weird! oh wait, not weird bc i restored it a few days ago and that's the only thing they dont back up lol

19. What does the 6th message in your Outbox say?
if i have to guest, again, it would be "except your link doesnt work?!" to ep lol

20. Who is the first name in your Phonebook?

21. Who is the last name in your Phonebook
youmail :P

22. Do you have a camera phone?
yes :D and it takes awesome photos. i love how i can email them right away :P

23. Who is the last person under G ?

24. What does the last text message say in your inbox?
jen: i emailed u a link for $30 snowboarding at kirkwood

25. Who is the second person under K?

26. What is your ringtone?
4 minutes by madonna ft justin timberlake

27. If you were to name your cell, what would you name it?
it's actually named bc it's an apple product lol i named it 熱奶茶的. :P for the non-chinese readers, it means "hot milk tea's" bc eliza sounds like "hot milk tea" in cantonese

28. Besides talking or texting, what else do you use your phone for (i.e. to hit flies)?
i actually use it to surf the net a lot. check emails. alarm! play games. there is a notepad app in there that i like to use to keep notes of. very useful for ppl like me who have bad memories. i also like to take random pics i see or think is interesting on my phone. the calculator is also useful. and there are a bunch of app that i use :P the one i esp. like (thanks to carlos) is urbanspoon. it helped me find food when i was in chicago. i never use the calendar lol

29. How many people did you see today with your cell phone?
i think about 3? LOL a lot of ppl have the iphone. but i wasnt paying too much attention today to ppl and their phones :P half the time today i'm working!

30. Name one function you wish your phone had (realistic or fiction):
realistic: video recording!
fiction: has ability to move things :X what?! i'm lazy!

the survey ended at question 26. the monk in me asked jen to give me four more questions to even it out lol. so you can tell by the last few questions, it was way different than the other questions haha jen's questions are more interesting!

jen did give me 2 questions that i vetoed but i thought was worthy of sharing with others: was the salesperson/or person u bot the fone from hot? and rank on a scale of 1-10. with 10 being smokin' and write a poem about your phone. lol

then she had to go so i asked my sister to give me one more... which i actually think jen did give me something similar... bc i feel a sudden deja vu..?!
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