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labor day wknd

i just wanna say thanks to everyone who made my bday this year memorable. i dont like too much attention when it comes to the day of my bday but i do like to plan one party almost every year LOL an easy get together, i guess ;)

anyway, i was very happy with my bday celebrations this year. every celebration was just how i wanted it to be. it was perfect. i wanna make some honorable mention but decided to mention all of them as they were all very memorable. something for me to look back on.

i had a good dinner/outting a couple of days before my bday. i guess when the three of us are together, we get a little hyper. there were a lot of laughs. i hope we didnt annoy the bf who was stuck with us crazies lol

the next day the office threw a "surprised" bday party. they were a day early bc that's the day that everyone was in the office. the news didnt leak but they did a horrible job trying to set it up without me noticing. haha~! it's ok! none the less, i had eco-friendly decorations and a "you-must-pass-out-after-you-eat-this" chocolate cake. yum

then on the day of my bday, my day started off with flowers. it was very sweet of him. good way to start the day xD haha then around lunch time, i got a surprised office visit with a thoughtful gift! it was awesome. that night i went to a melissa concert and attended the meet & greet. i didnt mention it was my bday but someone else did mention that it was hers (what? i am not the only person born on this day? lol) and she played a song that i really liked for that bday girl :P. the crowd sucked but it's ok lol

friday i had an all you can hot pot/grill with the boys, following up with lots of pool and some small drinking. it was fun to experiment with cooking esp when it turns out good! mmm grilled cookies haha later at the bar, the bartender offered to by me a drink bc it was brought to her attention that it was my bday. it was nice to see everyone again. plus i got a special appearance with a great gift! lol

saturday i was just at the right level of tipsy at the club. and i'm sure most of you know it doesnt take that much to get me to feel good (nor does it take a lot to get me to feel bad! luckily i drank just enough) some that didnt club, went. one that normally dont dance, did. :). met great ppl. one i particularly adore! and it ended well with an after hour dining. thank you for taking care of me or for even offering to help :)

sunday i had yummy sushi with my best friend at one of the (what i think) the better japanese restaurants around here. altho they ran out of what i was craving, i still was content with my dinner. we were gonna hit a club but i realized that just having a mellow night of putting puzzles together, watching dane cook and playing apples to apples were good enough. the fact that i get fed like there's no tomorrow every time i'm there helped too LOL i think it was actually what i needed after a night of partying. haha altho playing board games until 3 isnt really much rest either... haha oh well.

today i was invited to an outting and met a handful of new fun ppl. ate pretty good food. play with cute dogs. had a little sun. learned a new game that created much laughter. and had dinner with my family afterward.

once again, i wanna thank everyone who took their time out to celebrate it with me, who came out, visited, called, texted, msged, emailed, left a comment on my fb wall, gifted, treated me to dinner, etc.

and thank you in advance for those of you who i am gonna celebrate it with soon.

it was prefect. it's gonna be perfect. i am really happy. thank you.

p.s. photos are up on facebook :D
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