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with the "in"

yesterday jen told me that she heard carrie underwood and michael phelps have been texting ah... is that what we call it now these days? to join "tripping," "seeing," and "talking," in this day and age, we are now "texting." lol

anyway, i was thinking... when michael phelps got really really popular, he was in china. how did carrie underwood get his number or him hers?? was she in china and they bumped into each other and exchanged numbers? i mean, how did it work?

apparently, from jen, one thought the other was cute and their ppl talked. as jen said "it's good to have ppl." shit, man. it's THAT easy for them. really?! [eliza imagines how it'll be like if she was famous] "i think he's cute (lee pace, archie kao, jesse carmichael, edward norton), please talk to his ppl and see what he thinks of me" LOL what the.

I WANT IN! lol

maybe in my next life.
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