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m5 = ♥

weird. today for the first time. while m5 played "the sun," i was brought back... back to how i felt when i saw them play that same song in modesto 2003 (not my first show of them, but it was the start of my following them around).

it was a good feeling. it felt like i've been in a marriage for a long while now... and you know, life gets busy and you get distracted and love isnt something you think too much about anymore... but then my husband does something sweet to me that reminded me the first time he did it... how much i love him and why i fell in love with him. that's how it felt.

i'm surprised that after almost 6 yrs... my feelings for this band have not changed.

and yeah i sorta got to talk to jesse... squee!! haha granted it was a q&a section.... BUT!!! when he picked me for the question, he noticed it was me and said that "hiii" in the "i recognize you" kinda tone (altho i have to admit... i might've just WANTED to hear it that way lol) AND!!! he did asked me the same question back... which upgrades to a convo, no? LOL bc then he tried to crack a joke about my answer :X more than what others got! haha i know, i'm a dork.

shit... i have to get up in a few hours -___- why do i torture myself with those it's-so-early-the-sun-isnt-even-up-yet kinda flights?!
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