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jump a jonas

i thought this was interesting

Jump A Jonas

so for the ppl that dunno, the jonas brothers have been promoting purity rings. basically you wear a ring on your marriage finger and make a promise to God that you stay "sexually pure" until you're married.

not sure if this is real or a gag but this radio station has decided to offer a $10,000 reward for anyone who can prove that they had sex with one of the jonas brothers. basically, they do not believe that all the jonas brothers are pure.

i think this is quite funny lol i'm not saying i think the jonas brothers are virgins or not... but really. it's so hard to prove that you had sex with someone (esp. if they are famous). even if they take pics of one of them naked, they can still denied that they did anything sexual. "i was just posing, we did nothing" LOL or "it was photoshopped, that's not me"

and this is an honest question bc i really do wanna know... but other than edison and paris hilton, how often do ppl take pics or/and record themselves having any type of sex?!? who is dumb enough to do that? no offense if you've done it.. but really, you are stupid if you do/did. no matter how good you think you've hid it, if it could be found by you, it could be found by someone else. lol with internet these days, those things can LEAK to no end.

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