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food pleasure overload

does that make sense? "food pleasure overload"? anyway, what i'm trying to say is that i had a lot of good food this wknd. not only were they good but i came out so stuffed too.

sat lunch - cheap good food - ikea food LOL
sat night - very very good all-you-can-eat hot pot (alright, it's not all-you-can-eat but there was so much food prepared that it might as well be labeled that lol)
sun lunch - dim sum
sun night - fondue (cooked raw beef in oil, skillfully dipped bread in cheese - of course - and drowned around 10 different types of fruits in dark chocolate). feel free to drool
mon lunch - bbq - my boss had a bbq sunday and had a bunch of left over food yet to grill

needless to say, my stomach was very happy the past couple of days
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