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pointless entry #897234

i'm trying to work. i have a few things i wanna finish by the end of today... i have less than an hour left of work... but instead i'm updating. what is wrong with me?

not to mention, i made the icon i used for this entry today too lol when i should've been working! (isnt he adorable? it's a screen cap of a video that his dad put together... he walked in on him sleeping! how cute! jesse was saying "hi")

gah, procrastination took over! :X

anyway... i just wanna say i think it's time for a new layout. i wanna do a lee pace one :D

so stay tune... but dont hold your breath...

ALSO! i'm super excited about taking yoga at SF PG! wheee!!!! i plan to go every TTH :D

OK - back to work! right...
Tags: music

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