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the other day i had a dream that i was buying cookies. the cookies were really popular, so i had to line up for them. and every time i try to buy them, something goes wrong. such as i forgot my wallet... or they are out... or something... i remember exactly how many i wanted. i wanted six. two sugar cookies, two sprinkle cookies (whatever that means??) and two chocolate chip cookies. the cookies were bigger than my head. lol

anyway, when they were sold out, i realized i already bought two cookies and they are in my bag. so i was eating it and sharing it with others who werent able to buy any cookies.

then last night i had a bunch of dreams but one particular that i wanna share. i dreamed that some little boy was disrespecting me and i was throwing age in his face. i recall something about him being in 2nd grade but he looks much older. i was literally screaming in his face, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OLDER I AM THAN YOU? I'M 26! 26!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?" honestly, i really dont know what that means myself haha and i know sometimes age means nothing... but that's what i said to the boy while i slap him behind his head.

then i woke up and realized, shit, i am two times older than a 13 yr old o_O wtf... "i lived twice as long as you" fit in this situation....

and yes, i do remember my dreams pretty vividly. and no, there was no point in mentioning the cookie dream lol
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