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csi makes eliza sad. pushing daisies makes eliza happy

yesterday i was watching the season premier of csi (vegas, of course). if you were watching it, then you know it was such a sad ep...

i mean... i know they are fictional characters but i've watched every ep of csi. and i've grown somewhat attached to these characters. (so much that i cant even enjoy watching the other csi's). so to watch warrick die and to watch everyone so upset... is well... upsetting.

so after that ep, i told my sister, "i need to watch pushing daisies to lift up my spirits." pushing daisies makes me feel loved and it always makes me happy.

my sister's response? "YOU WATCH PUSHING DAISIES EVERY DAY!" "no i dont..." "YES YOU DO! EVERY SINGLE DAY!"


what can i say? it makes me happy!


i'm quite confused really. about my emotions, that is. a phone call brought bad news to me yesterday... which made me feel the same as when i was watching csi... whereas a phone call i had today made me feel how i always felt when i'm watching pushing daisies...

is it possible to feel happy and sad at the same time?!
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