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i hate mean ppl

today i encountered two customers. one that is kinda weird... and stubborn... and one that was just plain mean... and stupid. but yeah. first one came up to me and asked me if we sell adapters for computers. "yes we do," i told him. and he told me, "i have the model number... it's right here... the POG-161L." now the weird thing about sony laotops is that the model number is never on the bottom of the computer. it is always on top of the keyboards, under the monitor. and i knew instantly that he looked under the computer because they are usually PCG- and then a bunch of numbers. model numbers for sony computers always start with PCG- and then it consisted of letters then numbers. never, ever numbers first.

so i told him, "this is actually not the model number..." and he wouldnt believe me. he was extremely stubborn about it and wouldnt even listen to me explain why the number he has isnt the one. but he continued on how it is a small computer with a camera on top of it. "it is 16 volts" he told me. it's the C series... because sony's smallest computers that are old are the C series... the camera esp gives it off. so i asked my supervisor if we have adaptors for it...

my supervisor came up to him and asked him which C series model does he have because sony made about six different types and they are all different voltage. he, of course, gave him the same model number he gave me... and of course, my supervisor said the same thing... and once again he got mad. it was unbelievable. it was so unbelievable my supervisor started to laugh... which of course pissed him off even more... but what can we do?! dude... it's not the model number.

but what pissed me off even more is that when he showed me the model number one more time, i again told him, "that's not the model number." and he went all off on me saying, 'dont tell me this is not the model number! i can read better than you! it said model number, THIS is the model number' yeah... i was wearing fake glasses today. and the funny thing about all this is that... he even wrote the wrong model number wrong! they ALWAYS start with PCG. not POG... thank you. he was escorted out... because he was getting too upset with everyone.

the second one is just plain rude. he called near closing asking to talk to a sales associate. my coworker was helping a guest, so i asked him if he would like to leave a name and phone number so he could get back to him... this guest asked me instead. he said that only two rechargable batteries came with the camera, there should be four. i told him that all our cameras that comes with AA or AAA rechargable batteries come only in a pair... but the charger does hold four.

he then told me that my coworker helped him set the time, but instead of PM he set it to AM instead... how can he fix it? i told him that i dont remember the menu exactly, but if he presses the button, it will be in there. and he said, "well i know it's in the camera, i just need to know how to change it." i just told him that if he played around with it a little, it's self explanitory and he'll find it... and if he cant, there is always the manual that teaches him how. i was nice even tho he asked me stupid questions.

well... yeah... he ended our conversation with, "well thank you for your help, i would've never known." and i said, "you're welcome, it's my pleasure." and he said, "i was being sarcasic." and hung up on me.


but yeah, thanks to my coworker, andy, he made me felt better. i told him how i talked to someone mean. and i told him what the guy said. and andy told me that i actually did help the guy because he really wouldnt have known if i didnt help him. so that made me less pissed. but damn, wtf is wrong with some ppl.
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