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a world without money

i was on facebook and someone's status said "Why do people need to work?? Why can't there be money dropping down??" and it got me thinking. it made me wonder, what happened if money fell from the sky?

then ppl wouldnt be working as hard bc there really is no motivation to work. or ppl would only work what they wanna do. and do it with passion instead of responsibility... and then there will be no mail man or garbage man... however, i like to think there will probably be less crimes (as i believe most of them involved greed). and power may not have that big of a slide as we all have a lot of money...

i decided to ask my coworker what he thought. and he's like "i think it would be more of an interesting conversation if money didnt exist bc ppl are greedy..." and he went about how ppl would say "money dropping from this area are all mine" kinda thing.

then i thought... "a world without money..." didnt we used to live like that? i'll trade you my corn for your carrot. we'll still be working but for something else. for another purpose. we might view and respect things differently bc we're creating them...?

but then wouldnt we just be greedy over something else that's high in demand, just like how it is right now with money? is it just in human nature to be greedy? to want to be better than others?



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Oct. 24th, 2008 08:43 pm (UTC)
No, we are greedy because our society and capitalism has made us greedy.

You see people lining up to scalp the newest playstation but you don't see people lining up at a water fountain to scalp water do you?

Supply and demand is manufactured. That's why there's limited editions, first editions, etc.

If Apple passed out an iphone to everyone instead of trying to create a market frenzy to guage their success, you think there'd be a lot of people lined up for a day or two trying to get one? No. People would come in whenever they feel like it because they know it will always be there for them.

People have lived well in a socialist state for a very long time, it was the perversion of capitalism that clouded it and made people selfish and greedy.

The bartering system is merely a precursor to capitalism. It is capitalism! People just got too lazy carrying around 10 baskets of corn to trade someone for a chicken.

Don't say all humans are greedy, because when you do you make it into a reality even though it isn't. It's not human nature to be greedy, we've witnessed this in some of our darkest hours. There are some who tune into their human nature and become alturistic and other like Starbucks who wouldn't give out water during 9-11 to firemen and victims because they wanted to make money. I'm sure you or your friend would have provided people with water.
Oct. 24th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
true. good points.
Oct. 29th, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
I am reminded of deathnote when you mentioned the money falling out of the sky.
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