hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

for the sake of argument. liz

a friend posted a note about prop 8 on facebook. he's telling his friends why he thinks they should vote "no". (for the ppl who arent in the US, prop 8 is about eliminating right of same-sex couples to marry). a friend of his explained why she voted "yes". i disagree so i commented. i know this discussion will go nowhere as she already voted "yes" and i definitely will vote "no" (which reminds me... i should fill out and send my absentee ballot... i know, i know). but i like to argue for the sake of argument lol

also, when in an argument, i like to see both sides and try to understand them. i may not agree. but i'm open to hearing what they have to say. but no matter how hard i look and try... i cannot seem to understand why anyone would disagree with gay marriage.

i'm confused.

btw, she called me "liz" in a response. for the ppl that dont know, i HATE being called liz. like wtf? it clearly states Eliza. not eLIZa. why are you calling me liz?! sigh.
Tags: thoughts

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