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survey #823490283420934892

recently i've been hella busy at work. i'm hardly at my desk! so i havent been getting my daily dose of the internet. i hope my daily chatting buddies miss me and arent already used to not talking to me anymore :'(

anyway, i decided to do this really short survey before i get at it again. but i think today is my last busy day. *crosses fingers* so i'll resume chatting tomorrow haha!

i took this from unluckydnvrmint

Last Kiss: omg. haha, i'm pretty sure it's the fisher....... ? :X oh wait, unless you count the love fest i had with mandy and sylvia a few weeks ago. i think the last kiss i got was from sylvia :P
Last Good Cry: jason's funeral. i mean we werent that close but i was bawling my eyes out when his dad was talking.
Last Crush: is the current one! how i miss him! :/
Last Alcoholic Drink: it was red bull volka. i dunno what i was thinking! bleh!
Last Phone Call: carlos lol except they're never really conversations. just a sound here or there. "mmm" "ok" hangs up lol we are so close we can read each other minds HAHA jk
Last Text Message: from mandy, after our lovely rendezvous haha
Last TV Show Watched: i THINK it's privileged
Last CD Played: justin's vinyasa mix have been having heavy play in my car
Last Book Purchased: fruit baskets #21 haha yes i'm still on them! it's ending soon tho :/
Last Book Read: does mangas count? bc it was fruit baskets. book book would've been eclipse
Last Movie Seen In A Theater: wow, i havent watched a movie in a while... uh... shoot, what would it be? (ok so i just checked my calendar) and literally the last movie i saw was the dark knight in imax! but i am going to watch twilight soon.
Last Movie Rented: i dont rent movies anymore dude. the last one would be even before dark knight! it's quite possible it was "another cinderella story" bc my sister wanted to see it
Last Download: "leave out all the rest" by linkin park. i got it from a CSI ep :P
Last Curse Word Used: i think it was "shit" lol i noticed i've been swearing a lot over the wknd. i'm trying to stop lol
Last Beverage Consumed: protein shake. i'm having it now. it's my breakfast
Last Food Consumed: banana lol! i had this bad leg cramp last night. mandy gave me some bananas LOL she swore that they help :)
Last Item Purchased: last night's dinner?!
Last Car Ride: driving to work this morning!
Last Word Spoken: "done"
Last Annoyance: this sunday. and i'm gonna leave it there :)
Last Disappointment: i dont remember. that's good! hehe


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Nov. 20th, 2008 04:37 pm (UTC)
haha.. yes, i do know who he is. :P
Nov. 20th, 2008 05:01 pm (UTC)
it's been a while!!
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